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After 17 years of consumer insights experience in the CPG, Biotechnology and Energy Industries, Will saw an opportunity to blend his passion consumer insights with his expertise in behavioral science based design. TriggerPoint is the result of that passion.

Outside of TriggerPoint, Will enjoys spending time with his wife and their young son. He has also completed three Iron Man events, so it’s best not to challenge him to a foot race.

Before starting TriggerPoint, Will headed BrainJuicer Behavioral Labs & PepsiCo's Shopper Marketing & Retail Testing laboratory where he consulted on Behavioral Research & Design Solutions.

In 2011, Will won the IIR Explor Award for his ground breaking use of behavioral research and design to non-consciously drive cross-purchases at PepsiCo.

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For nearly 20 years, Melanie has been translating consumer needs into actionable implications for strategic planning, new products and marketing communications.  Basically, she made you all crave stuff.

Melanie most recently worked at PepsiCo in the Strategic Insights group and over the course of her tenure led innovation strategy & insights for power-house brands Doritos & Lay’s. 

Like Will, she enjoys spending time with her family and young son. Which works out well since Will and Melanie are married. She also enjoys running & working on her latest book. 

In 2006, Melanie won the AMA Explor Award for advancing virtual shopping at PepsiCo. so she's a pro at developing the latest research innovations for TriggerPoint 

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Robert has worked extensively in the packaged goods and retail industries, providing him with the unique ability to bring insights expertise to all stages of the product and shopping life cycles, from product development and innovation to the in-store experience. His insights leadership has contributed to increased sales and distribution and built customer relationships for PepsiCo, Diageo, JCPenney, and Blockbuster. 

Robert holds a Master of Marketing Research degree from the University of Georgia and a B.B.A. in marketing from Texas Christian University, where he currently sits on the M.J. Neeley School of Business Marketing Advisory Board.  In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis with his wife, Claudia, and raising their two young sons.



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Lance brings over 20 years of experience from a wide array of industries including Cloud Hosting Technology, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Financial Services.  In his career he has accumulated a depth of knowledge around decision support systems, product development, retail marketing, and consumer behavior. 

Lance received a Master’s degree from Texas A&M University where he focused his research on marketing and strategic planning in the food industry.  When he’s not focused on behavioral research and design with TriggerPoint, he spends time with his wife and 6 kids in several outdoor activities.