We started our company years ago to revolutionize consumer insights, marketing & innovation by integrating the behavioral & decision sciences into consumer experiences through Behavioral Design. Our work goes far beyond just "building brand preference" with consumers.  This is only a small reason why people choose the brands they do and takes significant time, investment and risk to pull of.  Our focus centers on tapping into the consumer's non-conscious to "drive consumer decisions" immediately in your favor.  

We deploy advanced research methods grounded in consumer psychology and behavioral economics to explain human behavior and use these insights to develop Behavior Designed advertising, in-store activations, UX, packaging and environments.    

Our clients include Fortune 100 firms across various industries & categories who are witnessing the power of using a Behavioral Research and Design strategy to grow their brands.  If you have a business issue that requires behavioral change, we have the expertise to help.


Our behavioral research consultants use various System 1, projective-based research methods to identify the four psychological factors (Goals, Motivations, Regulatory Approach and Mental Models/Heuristics) non-consciously driving category and brand decisions in context.  

With these in hand, we can rapidly identify the exact psychological "mind state" that people are in when making decisions and then design a Behavioral Activation Brief to direct a new behavioral design strategy and specific marketing tactics designed to drive new behaviors.  


We know that many agencies are now saying that they generate "behavioral insights." But most of these same agencies lack the ability to actually take these deep insights through to actual tactical solutions because they have never lived on the client-side of the house..  

We're not like most agencies.  Our staff is specifically recruited from America's largest brands and know how to make behavioral design insights and strategies truly actionable inside large, complex organizations.  

Once your Behavioral Research has been completed, TriggerPoint conducts behavioral design workshops to puts these findings into direct action.  These Behavioral Co-Design workshops teach Behavioral Design concepts to cross-functional teams and agencies so that collectively we can solve for the key behavioral challenges uncovered or simply bring Behavioral Design thinking to life for your organization.


For our clients who need more robust, integrated behavioral solutions, our Behavioral Design group will develop psychologically enhanced creative and innovations that speak to the subconscious.  This can include simple solutions renderings to the actual design of visuals, copy, store promotions, in-store activations, websites or apps for your new behaviorally-designed strategies to flourish in the marketplace.




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