If you really want to understand consumers and what drives their actions, you must understand how context and psychology work together to trigger behaviors and this takes a multi-disciplinary approach to behavioral change.   

Therefore, to understand context, we conduct Behavioral Audits to uncover the primes, frames, and triggers that are naturally embedded in an environment.  We describe this as what is being "expressed" in an environment.

To address consumer psychology, we have conduct Behavioral Inquests to deeply understand the four core psychological factors that drive decisions.  Mapping these factors allows us to understand why people behave the way that they do.    

Our comprehensive Behavioral Model is the foundation of everything we do and is unique in its composition.  By integrating Goal Theory, Motivational Psychology, Regulatory Approach Theory and Behavioral Economics into one framework, we give our clients a much deeper and more robust understanding of all facets of consumer behavior.    



Deep, projective qualitative research methodologies designed to deeply understand the psychological “whys” behind consumer and shopper behavior.  We utilize a variety of step-wise, psychology-based research techniques (storytelling, visual associations, emotional elicitations, etc.) to deeply understand the emotional goals, human motivations, regulatory approach, and mental models/cognitive biases influencing consumer/shopper behaviors.


In-context analyses of decision environments that identify key psychological primes, frames, and triggers that are non-consciously directing behaviors at the moment of decision.  Behavioral audits help identify how the environment influences people’s decision-making and can be conducted on almost any customer/brand experience including in-store activations, apps, websites, and most marketing vehicles.

LAMP™ (Language Assisted Mindstate Profiling)

Extract the deep behavioral insights rooted in your consumers’ subconscious.

When people tell stories, they provide subconscious ‘signals and tells’ that help you identify their psychological drivers and overall mindstate™ when making decisions. Language Assisted Mindstate Profiling (LAMP™) uses artificial intelligence to uncover these rich insights and gives you unparalleled insight into what drives them emotionally and their Mindstate when making decisions.

Our proprietary NLP model searches for key words and phrases used by your customers that correlate back to each key mindstate. Once analyzed, the AI system aggregates these signals and identifies the key mindstates used when making decisions.


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