We specialize in utilizing advanced research methods to explain human behavior and use these insights to develop Behavior Designed advertising, in-store activations, UX, packaging and environments. By partnering with leading behavioral researchers, business consultants and designers, we flex our team's size and expertise to meet your business goals.   

Our clients include Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries & categories. If you have a business issue that requires behavioral change, we have the expertise to help.


Our decision science insight consultants focus on our clients' most critical points throughout the consumer's decision cycle to uncover subconscious influencers that are directing consumer choice.

We first provide contextual audits that deconstruct the decision environment to uncover the psychological primes, frames and triggers being deployed throughout the consumer's decision journey.

TriggerPoint also provides the latest in-context, decision science based qualitative and quantitative consumer research methods that pin-point key psychological and contextual factors driving choice in your category or service.


We know that many agencies generate consumer insights. But most of these same agencies lack the ability to actually take insights through to actual tactical solution.  

But, we're not like most agencies.  

Once our behavioral research is completed, TriggerPoint puts these findings into direct action by mapping out specific areas where your consumer's mental models, your brand and their decision context are not psychologically congruent. From this work we can create behavioral strategies & behavioral design briefs and even prototype interventions to solve for the underlying behavioral issue. 

We also conduct & teach Behavior Design sessions so that your internal teams can leverage this learning across various campaigns, executions and innovation platforms to bring Behavioral Design thinking to life for your organization.


For our clients who need full behavioral solutions, our Behavioral Design group will develop psychologically enhanced creative and innovations that speak to the subconscious.  This can include the actual design, copy, promotional offers, information hierarchy and layouts required for your new behavior design strategies to flourish in the marketplace.







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