At TriggerPoint, we don't start our projects with "Deep Consumer Understanding."  

If you really want to understand consumers and what drives their actions, you must understand how context and psychology work together to direct behaviors. Therefore, to understand context, we developed leading-edge research methods to better understand the primes, frames, and triggers that are naturally embedded in an environment.  We describe this as what is being "expressed" in an environment.

To address consumer psychology, we have developed a behavioral model to understand the four core psychological factors that drive decisions.  Mapping these factors allows us to understand why people behave the way they do.  We describe this as what is being "received" in an environment.  

Our proprietary behavioral model is the foundation of everything we do.


Behavior Design is at the heart of what we believe and do.  While most agencies try to build brand equity, we specialize in building business by focusing squarely on the source of all company revenues - a consumer's choice. 

Behavioral Design subconsciously shapes communications and innovations to be more motivationally effective, while also making decisions more intuitive, easy and psychologically rewarding to make.

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